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Dear Sergio:

I would like to express to you my high satisfaction with the result achieved in the portraits of S.S. John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI and those of Sharbat Gula, works in which you managed to capture  the expressive force that characterizes and identifies each of them, in their different roles and moments of their lives in which they were photographically immortalized.

Representing the personality of a historical and iconic character is not an easy task to perform and, you achieved fullHe loves to express and decipher with clear clarity his second spiritual nature.



Ricardo Gutiérrez G.

November 2022 

Dear Sergio:
I want to thank you for such a beautiful and delicate portrait,

I feel happy that I have managed to capture a photograph in such a real way since
It was a magical moment captured and lived in a wonderful place by a very important person for me.

I feel pleasantly surprised and I want to congratulate him for his art and talent, being able to also reflect the essence of the person, paying attention to even the smallest details. Now the portrait occupies a very important place in my home.

Greetings from Arica-Chile.



Helen Anez Martinez

December 2020

Commissioning a portrait of a deceased loved one is extremely difficult, especially if the artist never personally knew the person to be portrayed. You can only be guided by photos and comments from relatives. In the case of my grandmother, a beautiful, elegant woman with great charisma, it was a risk, even more so when the portrait was a gift for her husband, my grandfather, a man who loved art and had an aesthetic sense.


Searching the internet for portrait artists, I found Sergio and my attention was drawn to his time in Spain and his learning about ancient portrait techniques.

My grandmother had to be portrayed as in yesteryear, like the portraits exhibited in museums.


Sergio's first outline was enough for me to realize his hand and that he was the artist I was looking for.


After several comments on aspects that were typical of my grandmother, Sergio brought the portrait to life until he managed to capture the essence necessary for the work. Today the portrait hangs on a main wall where my grandmother has once again had an important presence in family life.


Antonio Zaninovic, Architect - Zagreb, Croatia

July, 2019

Dear Mr. Zamorano:

It is with great pleasure that I express my sincere greetings and my congratulations and thanks for the fine and excellent work you did in reproducing my image from a photograph in a painting.

In truth, I have been pleasantly surprised by the work, because the finished work is a faithful reflection of the chosen photograph and fully interprets me. I declare myself satisfied, what's more, both my Secretary and my Assistant praised the painting, highlighting that the facial expression captured there is authentic and represents me.

This painting will occupy an important place in the hall of the Presidents, as a beautiful memory of having served the institution of Firefighters from the titular position of National President for 12 years, today in an Honorary capacity.

Kind regards to you,


Miguel Reyes Nuñez

Honorary president

National Fire Board

December, 2018

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